Strategic Partners

Blackmore Partners LLC / Gerald O’ Dwyer

Gerald is recognized as a thought leader and outstanding innovator in the rapidly growing field of private equity. He is the founder of Blackmore Partners, a private equity intermediary focused on providing innovative solutions to industry-leading executives, looking either to build, or to purchase, a middle market company (MMC) with revenues north of $25MM and/or $5MM EBITDA. Using his extensive knowledge of the private equity industry and his vast network of executive contacts, he is able to effectively identify acquisition opportunities, pair them with strong management teams and present these opportunities to the most qualified investment groups.

Gerald is also a non-executive co founder of the PECO Fund, an investment group of proprietary M&A intermediary partners, high net worth individuals, family offices and institutional investors. This fund acts as a co-investor along side Private Equity Sponsors. Together, each target company is owned by the Private Equity Sponsor and the Target Investment, LLC. PECO's investors have a unique opportunity to participate in deals not otherwise available to the public at large.

Blackmore Partners, a private equity intermediary, provides innovative advising and consulting which focuses on providing solutions to industry-leading executives or management teams, looking either to build, or to purchase tier one companies throughout Canada and North America.