It all starts with a thorough analysis of your company's current situation. What are your objectives?


After a thorough assessment and agreement on your objectives, the strategic initiatives are developed.


To ensure the strategies agreed upon are executed, an implementation agreement is formed.


And we don't stop there. The key is continual check point meetings to ensure the success is on-going.

Welcome Message

Forest For the Trees. The phrase is familiar and can mean many things to many people. What it means to us, fully in the context of the business world, is that far too often business owners and/or senior management teams simply can’t see the Forest For the Trees. This is not unusual, nor is it unexpected. In today’s rapidly changing global business environment, with so many trees to tend to and manage on a daily basis, there often isn’t time to fully take a step back and look at the business in the context of the big picture, or the forest.

At best, this can be a detriment to growth and many elements of profitability. At it’s worse and most severe, it can almost certainly leave the company positioned to be overtaken and left behind by a rapidly changing global competitive landscape.

Forest For the Trees is a boutique business advisory team dedicated solely to assess your company’s position within the forest, while allowing you and your management team to remain focused on all of the individual trees with-in your business that are vital in day to day operations. We focus on mid size businesses covering most of the business spectrum and real estate firms requiring corporate and/or specific project assistance. We will offer strategic initiatives that will keep your company firmly positioned for strong growth within the forest. Our experts have experienced being lost in the forest and will use their experiences to guide your firm away from these pitfalls. And most importantly, have benefitted greatly from being able to position their business firmly within the context of the forest at large.

Our team of seasoned professionals will engage with your leadership group to search out the systemic issues within your organization and work with the stakeholders to implement the necessary changes, critical to your success. Succession planning and preparing your company for sale are examples of initiatives which should be spearheaded by experts from outside your firm.

As a business owner and entrepreneur your role has been to create the solution for a specific need, hire the people to build and market the solution and to keep the organization functioning. Our role is to prepare the company for maximum sustainability and profitability for the long term, while allowing the ownership group the ability to exit with the greatest shareholder value.

Please feel free to contact us today for a no obligation, introductory meeting to determine how we may assist you.

The Forest For the Trees team.

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